PSR coverage is citywide, but still only 8AM – 10PM

Starting yesterday, the city’s Portland Street Response program covers the whole city. Here’s a screen capture of the official website:

This is a significant increase from the pilot program’s coverage area (here’s a map from Mar. 8).  Thank you to all who have spoken up to get us this far. 

However there are still some limitations:

  1. The coverage hours are only 8AM to 10PM.

    Portland Fire & Rescue has requested additional money to provide round-the-clock coverage. City Council will vote on this in June, after reading the one year report on PSR, due out next month.

  2. The person in crisis must be outside, or in an indoors space that is public.

    According to OPB, this “expansion is subject to bargaining with the union representing rank-and-file police officers.”

City Council needs to hear from you on both of these points!

Here’s more news coverage:

PSR saves lives, but is being undermined by City Council! Sign petition to save PSR!