PSR to be city-wide by March 2022

The city’s non-police first responder program Portland Street Response will cover the whole city by March this year. However, there will still be NO round-the-clock coverage.

More information in Street Roots.

The current coverage area is mostly SE Portland, East of César E. Chávez Blvd and South of I-84. Here is the city’s lookup tool to see if an address is in the PSR coverage area. Check it again in March.


At long last, the gears are turning…

The city’s Portland Street Response program is finally real! They have staff, staff is going through training, pilot coverage area and times have been named, and there is a timeline for the next phases! There is even an official City website for the program — click on the button in our banner to visit them and find out more.

Screen capture of the City's PSR website

Thank you to all who have supported Street Roots’ advocacy — you all helped us get this far. We have received endorsements from:

  • 11 current or former elected officials, from city to local to state level;
  • 63 organizations;
  • 13 faith communities;
  • 27 businesses; and
  • 810 individuals.

Going forward, we will maintain this website to continue advocating for the City to see this program through as well as possible.

Read Kaia Sand’s editorial in Street Roots, “Portland Street Response pilot should explore more options”.

PSR saves lives, but is being undermined by City Council! Sign petition to save PSR!